Hyeshik Chang

Principal Investigator

A computational biologist loving molecules and numbers

Seungbeom Han

Graduate Student

Decoding the codes controlling translation

Yoojung Han

Graduate Student

Developing a new technique to prepare high-accuracy nanopore signal models

Sohyeon Ju

Graduate Student

Delving into an interesting mechanism of a terminal nucleotidyltransferase with nanopore direct RNA sequencing

Junsoo Kim

Graduate Student

Deciphering the architecture of infectious diseases by combining insights from high-throughput omics technologies

Jayoung Ku

Graduate Student

Improving the way to design mRNA vaccines

Chae Young Kwon

Research Associate

Making sure that the lab projects move forward with a blazing speed

Hanju Lee

Graduate Student

Tracking the evolution of the molecular rules of Coronaviridae

Hyemyung Lee

Administrative Coordinator

Ensuring seamless operation throughout the lab

Keewon Sung

Postdoctoral Fellow

Inventing a breakthrough technique for nanopore RNA sequencing

Heeseung Yoo

Graduate Student

Developing an algorithm that detect RNA sites augmented by chemical adducts

Undergraduate Interns

Both former and current interns are represented on this list.


Dongmin Ryu; Seunghyun Kim; Jaehyeong Lee; Jiwon Shin; Sojeong Lee; Seungyoon Oh


Hyun Soo Ham (–2023); Sung Joon Huang (–2023); Yewon Kwon; Ina Jeon; Sohyeon Ju; Jaeseon Lee; Junseo Kang


Jayoung Ku (–2022); Sanghyo Lee (–2022); Chang Yong Mun; Heeseung Yoo; Hyeon Hwang; Eunice Seungyeon Song; Seungbeom Han; Jihyeon Park; Jung Hyun Na; Yunji Hong


Hoyeon Chang (–2021); Hyeonseo Choi (–2021); Nayeon Kim (–2021); Eun Hwa Jo; Jimin Lee; Yoojung Han; Dongjoo Lee


Kwangmin Ryu (–2020); Sujin Hur (–2020); Ju Hyung Lee; Hanju Lee (–2021); Ari Hong (–2020)