Hyeshik Chang

Principal Investigator

A computational biologist loving molecules and numbers

Seungbeom Han

Graduate Student

Decoding the codes controlling translation

Yoojung Han

Graduate Student

Developing a new technique to prepare high-accuracy nanopore signal models

Sohyeon Ju

Graduate Student

Delving into an interesting mechanism of a terminal nucleotidyltransferase with nanopore direct RNA sequencing

Junsoo Kim

Graduate Student

Deciphering the architecture of infectious diseases by combining insights from high-throughput omics technologies

Jayoung Ku

Graduate Student

Improving the way to design mRNA vaccines

Chae Young Kwon

Research Associate

Making sure that the lab projects move forward with a blazing speed

Hanju Lee

Graduate Student

Tracking the evolution of the molecular rules of Coronaviridae

Hyemyung Lee

Administrative Coordinator

Ensuring seamless operation throughout the lab

Sojeong Lee

Graduate Student

Inventing a method to decrypt modified bases in heavily-modified RNAs

Keewon Sung

Postdoctoral Fellow

Inventing a breakthrough technique for nanopore RNA sequencing

Former Members

Heeseung Yoo – Master’s Student (2022–2024)
Ari Hong – Master’s Student (2020–2023)

Current Position: Ph.D. Student at the Bio-Medical Informatics Lab, Seoul National University Hospital

Yongkuk Choi – Research Associate (2022)

Current Position: M.D. Student at Catholic University of Korea College of Medicine

Eun-jin Chang – Research Assistant (2019–2022)

Undergraduate Interns

Both former and current interns are represented on this list.


Yewon Chung; Hyungseo Ham; Jihyeon Oh


Ha Kyung Kim (–2024); Hoon Ma (–2024); Dongmin Ryu (–2024); Seunghyun Kim; Jaehyeong Lee; Jiwon Shin; Sojeong Lee; Seungyoon Oh


Hyun Soo Ham (–2023); Sung Joon Huang (–2023); Yewon Kwon; Ina Jeon; Sohyeon Ju; Jaeseon Lee; Junseo Kang


Jayoung Ku (–2022); Sanghyo Lee (–2022); Chang Yong Mun; Heeseung Yoo; Hyeon Hwang; Eunice Seungyeon Song; Seungbeom Han; Jihyeon Park; Jung Hyun Na; Yunji Hong


Hoyeon Chang (–2021); Hyeonseo Choi (–2021); Nayeon Kim (–2021); Eun Hwa Jo; Jimin Lee; Yoojung Han; Dongjoo Lee


Kwangmin Ryu (–2020); Sujin Hur (–2020); Ju Hyung Lee; Hanju Lee (–2021); Ari Hong (–2020)