Yongkuk Choi
Research Associate


Yongkuk Choi studied Molecular biology and Computer Sicence at Seoul National University. During his Ph. D. program, he studied various methods to measure the length of poly(A) tails present in all messenger RNAs. One method that greatly inspired him was Nanopore Direct RNA seqeuncing, which was just beginning to be commercialized at the time. With Hyeshik, he set out to apply the technology to various ambitious applications. To this end, he recived various trainings for nucleic acids biochemistry and basic bioinformatics.

Few years later he changed his course of study to medicine to pursue a job that better fits his life style. Yet, for the time being, he is with QBio lab to help other lab members do their best, as a research associate and a former lab member.


  • 2020–present M.D. student (in leave of absence), College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea
  • 2016–2020 Ph.D. candidate, School of Biological Sciences, Seoul National University
  • 2012–2016 B.S. in Biological Sciences, Seoul National University